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The difficulties of burner tuning.

The Proper Way to Light a Burner

As a pre-eminent natural philosopher, I have studied animal species all over the earth. A common trait my good friend Dr. Darwin has noted is a drive for both individual survival and survival of the species.

In higher order being such as homo sapiens1 one expects that the survival drive is especially pronounced. But my research assistants2 have found examples where contrary behavior is routinely practiced.

All modern burners (those made in the last 30 years) have provisions for spark or pilot ignition. Such ignition is so superior that one is constantly amazed that companies still use the gene-pool cleansing "oily-rag" method.

Combustion911 has a full line of K" pilots, direct-spark burners, ignition transformers and associated kit to meet the needs of most furnaces and ovens. Replacement electrodes for ignition and flame sensing are available for all K" burners as well as many other industrial and commercial burners.

1 This name has nothing to do with the AC vs DC argument between my two students
2 Nicola Telsa and Thomas Edisen