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Commissioning Shouldn't take a Lifetime


Einstein (not one of my students, but still a pretty good time at the bars), famously defines insanity as: "doing the same thing again and again and expecting different results." I see this everyday in the break room but, unfortunately for the famous Albert, sometimes the dollar makes it through, and the future diabetic gets the soda.

There are fellows in the manufactory who do the same thing – but with a bit more risk! A burner goes out. They press "reset." Then, they press "reset" again. And again. … and again.

Sometimes, the burner lights, and everything is fine. More often, the burner stays quite cold and the brilliant mechanical laborer finally gets the maintenance crew to fix the problem. And every once in a while (think: 31, 32, 33), enough gas and air are put in a furnace to cause a brief and very damaging event.

The right thing to do is to depress the "reset" button a couple of times (because sometimes it takes a little bit to move the gas through the pipes in the furnace). Then, if the burner doesn't light, fix the problem. Anything else would be, I have to say, insane.

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